About Us

WebHost - The Value-Added Web Partner for your Business.

Started as ZIGKI.com - a Web Hosting and Network Management firm in Kochi, India during Nov 2010 (not even a company back then) and from having its first 100 customers by first quarter itself, and having further grown as a business with more than 5000 paying clients across most verticals from Micro to Enterprise & NGO to Government within 3 years of its initiation, we as a team, realized that one fact which is "All Our Clients were seeking one unique thing on a daily basis, regardless of whether they are old or new, startup or enterprise, Not-For Profit or Government, all they wanted was an instant, ready to go-live, Result Oriented workaround to stimulate their businesses."

But often times, they all had to hire some agency or a freelancer on a $/hr basis to get their job done in addition to what they buy from us and this troubled us all throughout the period Since we believed that as a limiting factor for most to go online and more than that we felt, it in itself is not fair at all. We Started scouting for opportunities to learn and bring the best to our clients and that learning of several years and dedicated work of 14 months helped us to come up with Digital Protocols by automating most of its operations on Cloud and by having its strategic investments fetching leverages from over 110+ partners across 70+ countries, we turned our ZIGKI internet from being a hosting company to a value added web host, and an Instant Go-to-Market Product for all kinds of businesses and we realized the need of getting established as a full-service online webhosting company to serve a wider segment and having taken necessary actions from 2013 we even located our operational base to Lewes in United States. In short, At any time. we only know one thing. Deliver, Deliver, Deliver, much more than what is asked for along with the 4 principles.

  • We wont sell something, which we wont wish to use for our business.
  • We will always deliver minimum 500% Value to the Money we charge
  • People Matter more than things, here in this case, its our customers.
  • Listen to all critical feedbacks with an absolute intention to embrace change

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